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I just purchased a fluorescent pink Filofax from the original collection and it feels like a significant step into the next phase of my life.
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A Significant diary change

I just purchased a fluorescent pink Filofax from the original collection and it feels like a significant step into the next phase of my life.

I’ve had diary envy for a long time. When arranging our next get-together, whilst out for dinner with friends, I’d be amazed as the tiny pocket diaries were pulled out of purses and handbags. Internally I’d cry, “I want to be able to fit everything I have to do into a tiny diary like that.”

Prior to running the studio and life becoming super busy and diary management becoming super complicated. I had a paper diary – day per view. I carried it along in my handbag and it was always close by when I needed to add something to it.

As the studio and work life became busier, a change to an online google diary was inevitable as were the next four electronic diaries’ that followed.

Four Diaries

  • Personal/Social
  •  Work
  •  Studio events
  •  Class and appointment schedule

All of which were online and accessible 24/7 through my phone.

But it was a complete pain when I wanted to add in a personal event. I felt enslaved to checking through the three other work related diaries for clashes.

And of course there were the occasions when my 4G reception completely disappeared and I’d just make a lucky guess and say yes, knowing full well that I’d spend the next three days trying to re-arrange my diaries to make everything fit.

So buying this Filofax is more significant than the average personal organizer purchase. As the studio sale goes through, it’s a sign that I’m embracing a step back to simpler times, when life was full enough to need a diary but not so full I required four.

Not quite ready to go pocket size I’ve opted for the A5, because I know myself so well. I’m an ideas person and I need space to write down my thoughts, plus there’s room for those glorious “to do” lists with cute little tick boxes alongside waiting for their satisfying big bold crosses.

I’ve space to write, create and organize whilst still being transportable and not reliant on wifi or internet coverage. It’s bright enough to spot in a bag full of other things. And should I have difficulty bringing myself round in a morning after a sleepless night, I’ll just flash the fluorescent pink before my eyes and ping! That should clear the fog and tell me where I’m supposed to be on that day.

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