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Becoming Vegan - Yoga Dog Ethel - Rachael Smith Yoga

Becoming Vegan – My boyfriends’ reaction – it wasn’t great!

With just one night left on my American and Canadian road trip with Chris, we decided to head out for an amazing dinner and found an artisan style restaurant. After a tiny portion of something truly delicious, we were hungry for more food and the craft beer made hot dogs sound like a good idea.

Whilst perched in the window of a hot dog-house, I let the words, that had been floating around in my head for a while, fall out of my mouth. “When I get home I’m going to try and be Vegan!”

As his eyes rolled, his jaw dropped and a mouth full of hot dog was revealed. His answer was a combination of exasperation and annoyance.

“Why? Why would you want to do that?”

The ‘pissed off mouth full of meat’ reasons for not being vegan: –

  • It will be more expensive.
  • Food will get wasted; fish comes in portions for two.
  • We would have to eat different meals.
  • We wont be able to eat out in restaurants anymore.
  • You would have to throw away all your leather belts, bags and shoes.
  • You can’t eat eggs or honey, you like eggs and honey.
  • This decision may impact on my life!

“Breathe and take another bite of your hot dog.”

Thankfully by the next morning he had recovered from the shock and was then supportive of my decision.

But I knew he wouldn’t be alone in his reaction.

Why are some people so offended by veganism?

Back in Sheffield and Chris’ shed some light.

“You need to be careful not to become self – righteous about being vegan. Don’t ram it down people’s throats.”

An interesting point!

Could the aggressively passionate and opinionated animal rights activists actually be doing more harm than good?

In their effort to inform others about the plight of farmed animals in slaughterhouses are they actually dissuading people from becoming vegan?

Do the shocking and shameful videos on the PETA website actually create a defensive and angry response rather than one of compassion?

I pondered these three questions and observed three types of people: –

1. Those that feel nothing. Either genetically or socially they have never developed the ability to feel empathy with animals and cannot comprehend farm animals as anything other than food.

2. Those that do care and feel upset but just pretend it isn’t happening. They have the ability to turn the other way and disassociate those animals from the ones on their plate.

3. Then there are the people who look at an animal and think; they have just as much right to be here as I do. I have no reason to kill or eat them; I’ll go eat some vegetables instead.

Of course we then have the people who can’t kill vegetables, but lets not go there.

For me, being vegan is not only about the way animals are kept and killed, it’s about a belief that they have just as much right to live a beautiful and peaceful life on this earth as we do, if not more. I believe that they are more compassionate and caring than a lot of human beings, especially compared to those people who are willfully destroying the natural world.

It’s not the cow with the chainsaw in its hoof is it!

So why do you think Veganism has such a stigma? Comment below and let me know.

Next Post… Being a freak show exhibit and why people wouldn’t or couldn’t be vegan.

Hot dog Ethel photo credits – Richard Baybutt Photography 

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