My Bump Photo-Shoot - Rachael Smith Yoga
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Pregnancy Yoga Sheffield - Bump Photography - Rachael Smith Yoga

My Bump Photo-Shoot

If there was one piece of pregnancy advice that I received frequently, listened to and acted upon, it was to make sure I saved some lovely pictures of myself with my growing bump.

It turns out that I have many friends that didn’t capture their pregnancy on camera and all them wish that they had.

My pregnancy with Pearl has definitely been pretty magical. It’s been a long and bumpy journey that has spanned nearly the last three years. All of which completely unplanned and out of my control but I honestly wouldn’t be without any aspect of it.

However saying that, I am also so ready for a different story, and once Pearl arrives I really don’t plan on becoming pregnant again. Therefore it felt really important to me to capture this very precious time with Pearl, and what I now understand to be, a once in a lifetime event.

So we decided to enlist the help of a professional photographer experienced in pregnancy shoots. And through a quick Internet search came across the lovely Helen from PH babies.

I was around 37 weeks pregnant when we arranged to meet in the very lovely Botanical gardens in Sheffield, on what turned out to be an unusually warm and sunny day in mid October.

What we were looking for…

Our brief for the shoot was to get some relaxed and informal pictures of us together, along with a few of just myself and of course, I added in a couple of yoga shots!

But once we arrived to a park full of strangers making the most of the sunny Sunday we realized that, other than putting on some nice clothes and brushing our hair, we were completely unprepared! We hadn’t a clue how to hold ourselves, how to pose, which way to look, or how to achieve that natural look without looking like a comedy duo.

But we needn’t have worried Helen was brilliant, a total pro and obviously very experienced at looking after a couple that weren’t used to being in front of the camera together.

She found the perfect spots that were a little secluded, full of gorgeous autumnal colours and light. She guided us into positions and poses and looked after the finer details by letting us know which way to look, where to place our hands and how close to stand next to each other, bump angle permitting!

It wasn’t long before we had completely relaxed and no longer cared about the couples we could see with an “awwww” on their lips and a smile in their eyes as we kissed in public.

I quite happily wobbled in and out of yoga poses, looking more like a novice that a teacher.

And it wasn’t long before Chris was throwing leaves in the air and I was rolling around on the floor surrounded by them.

The entire shoot was complete in just over 30 minutes, and we are both so pleased with the results.

An afternoon that captured a moment in time that we can now all remember as we grow older together.

Here are just some of the pictures…

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