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Birth Plan - Pregnancy Yoga Sheffield - Rachael Smith Yoga

My non-plan, birth plan

When preparing for birth it is said that the best plan is to have no plan. Instead it is recommended that we ready ourselves to be flexible with whatever might be thrown our way. But in our preparation for every eventuality, you can guarantee that there will be something we still aren’t prepared for.

Top priority of course is the safe arrival of our amazing babies by whatever means necessary. But then after that as we continue with our non planning we inevitably create a list of things we would like to happen, along with a list of things we aren’t so keen on.

My no-plan, birth plan was super simple. To stay at home for as long as possible once birthing started and then head into hospital when I had all the signs of active labour. Birthing pools sounded nice but not essential and I’d prefer a mat on the floor to kneel on with a birthing ball to lean on, but if I didn’t have those, I’d cope.

How more unplanned and unattached to any idea about a dream birth could I get?

But still Pearl sent me a little test! Here’s how it transpired…

After a routine 39-week midwife appointment we were advised to head into hospital for a quick growth scan just to check that Pearl was growing at the rate to be expected.

We obliged and arrived the next day, greeted by two lovely midwives one of whom was training in the art of scanning babies and the other, more senior, was her teacher and guide.

At the start of the scan Pearl was laying with her head low down in my pelvis, just as we expected, looking snug and as if she might pop out at any time! YES PLEASE!

Pearl wriggled, squirmed and kicked throughout the entirety of the scan, making it as tricky as she possibly could. After about 20 minutes, the senior midwife announced, “your baby’s quite mobile, in fact she’s been a bit of a monkey…”

Twirly Pearly was living up to her name big time! She had wriggled out of my pelvis and moved her head up top, finding a new position somewhere between breech (bum down) and transverse (laying across my belly) You could see her cute little face and two of her tiny little fingers sticking up at the camera!

What’s wrong with that?

When it comes to being born, being head down is ideal, being bum down is still doable but sideways and performing back flips, well that could pose a few problems. If my waters were to break with her in a less than doable position, she might attempt to come out foot first or worse umbilical cord first and if that did happen it could cause her some serious problems.

So after listening to the advice of my consultant we find ourselves as residents in the maternity hospital, where we watch and wait to see where she moves to next, in the mean time figuring out the least dramatic way for her to make a grand entrance.

So in that no-plan, birth plan that I didn’t really have, when I thought I’d like to stay at home for as long as possible, well that really didn’t happen did it.

Keeping me on my yoga toes!

And as I come to terms with the fact that I am about to give birth to an independent thinking daughter that shall never listen to anything I say, always preferring to do her own thing. Well on the one hand that makes me want to burst with pride and on the other, I’d like a little cry into my hard hospital pillow as I realise that my beautiful daughter will always test the portability and resilience of all my yoga practices including flexibility, adaptability, patience and ultimately staying calm when out of my usual comfort zones.

Thanks Pearly for another lesson in pregnancy and for keeping me on my yoga toes!


  • Laura Clowrs
    Posted at 10:30h, 05 November Reply

    Ah bless you Rachael. I had a no-plan plan too. Lizzie had other ideas. 11 days late, 51hrs of labour, chemical induction, epidural (which at the time I thought was ‘failing’ but turned out to be an essential) and episiotomy… and it was still the happiest, proudest moment of my life. Hope everything is going well and little Pearl is here safe soon. Xx

    • Rachael
      Posted at 20:33h, 01 February Reply

      Thanks so much Laura! I really must write a post on our birth soon. We ended up with an elective c-section. And I totally appreciate your comment about feeling like you were ‘failing’ because I felt exactly the same at the time. But now looking back, our birth was perfect and everything I had hoped for, it just didn’t look the way I envisioned it. xx

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