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Because hey, if you don’t take all the things that scare you and throw them up in the air and run for the nearest sunset every now and again, you’ll never feel like you’ve really lived.
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Overcome the fear of change

Our society breeds the fear of change, we are given endless opportunities time and time again but we avoid the unknown and uncertain future of possibility and play it safe with the old adage of better the mundane, useless, boring shit storm that we know.

“I’m a firm believer that when something is no longer floating your cruise liner that it’s time to jump ship and head to the next dingy.”

Because hey, if you don’t take all the things that scare you and throw them up in the air and run for the nearest sunset every now and again, you’ll never feel like you’ve really lived.

Now that’s not to say that I’m one to shy away from commitment. I’ve questioned myself on this matter and so I’m certain about it. I’m more than happy to hold feelings of responsibility towards the happiness care and support of family friends and fur babies. I’m thoroughly excited and looking forward to exchanging the wedding vows that I hope will last a lifetime and I can’t wait to meet my baby for the first time.

But life never stays the same for long, our interests and passions change over time as we learn, grow and develop. I refuse to accept that we should stay stagnant…

“when the very essence of life is movement.”

When it comes to work and the choices that I’ve made, moving from one career and allowing it to develop into another, well some people have called me brave whilst others have called me stupid, uncommitted and unfocused.

Just like any other person thinking of making a change, I too question the possibilities and potential outcomes. Worries usually revolve around money, financial freedom, family and other people’s perception of you.

So how come I can face all these fears and do it anyway, when others get stuck?

I used to tell myself it was because I was well supported, with the backing of others telling me it’s a good idea and not to worry if it didn’t work.

But then I realized that there’s a little more to it…

I’ve come to appreciate that there is a part of me that’s completely bloody-minded. That once I’ve made a decision that I think is the right one; I’ll do it regardless of other peoples advice.

It’s true I am surrounded by people who support my ideas and decisions but that’s simply because those that don’t and there’s enough of those ones too, well I ignore them. I was born stubborn, with a strong will, a dash of impatience and buckets of enthusiasm and ideas. I’m so super thankful for those qualities as I know they’ll keep my on the happy path. I hope my baby is born with all those qualities and many more.

So it’s time to move, don’t be stagnant!

We all hold the qualities required to live out the life that you deserve and desire. What do you wish you could throw in the air or kick over the fence? Find the determination, find the strength, be your own catalyst for change.

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