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Power of sound in pregnancy & motherhood

Soothing sounds were a big part of my pregnancy and early bonding practices with Pearl.  Not caring what the neighbours thought I’d spend sunny afternoons sat in the garden reading my favourite children’s books to my growing belly. Wind chimes and singing bowls became a part of my daily yoga practice, as did chanting, aum, ooooo, eeeeee and shush, regularly throughout the day.

I loved the idea of a growing Pearl hearing my voice and both wondered and hoped, that once on the outside she would be calmed by the familiarity of those sounds.

So did it work? Do those sounds now calm a distressed Pearl?

Nope, not a jot! Ha!

Have you heard of the witching hour? Perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to experience it and you’ve seen the witches spell in all its glory.

Every day as the clock struck 4pm my normally relaxed and happy baby became anything but.

A little moan would turn into a grizzle and steadily increase until we reached full on atomic melt down of epic proportions.

And it lasted for hours.

Each night my stress levels would rise until I arrived at the point of worrying that something was actually wrong with her. It was usually at that very moment that she would reach her final screaming crescendo.

And then nothing but the silence of peaceful sleep.

I was determined to make the nights easier for all of us, so the evenings became a circus show of tricks trying to either avoid or placate the situation. Out came the wind chimes and the singing bowls, but she just cried louder.

I tried shushing but she just cried louder.

So I tried a big loud aum, she paused! Then she looked at me, eyes wide with surprise and you guessed it, she screamed louder.

I tried for days to stop the crying but it was hopeless, stressful and exhausting. Until I gave up trying to fix her, instead I accepted that this was just a phase that would eventually pass. Of course as soon as I reached that point, the evenings became a lot less stressful.

I created a playlist called ‘close those peepers’ which included all my favourite soothing songs.

I would hold my crying Pearl dancing, swaying and shushing the evening away.

Big deep inhales and long slow, mama calming shushes as I exhaled.

And there you have it, the true power of sound in pregnancy and motherhood. It has nothing to do with keeping my baby quiet and everything to do with keeping me calm, strong and ready for whatever mood she’s in.

Remember the long slow mama calming shushes as you exhale.

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