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Pregnancy Yoga

Day – Tuesday (I am now covering the pregnancy classes at Sheffield Yoga School)

Time – 7.30pm – 8.50pm

Location – Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, Walkley, S6 3TA

Price:- £10 per class or 5 classes for £40

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Mama Calm - Postnatal Yoga





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I am a trained and experienced pregnancy and post natal yoga teacher, massage therapist and reflexologist, here to support you throughout your journey into motherhood.


Some women stroll through their pregnancy with ease, without aches, pains, stress or anxiety. For the majority of women, pregnancy will be blessed with a roller coaster of symptoms, emotions and experiences that will be joyful, overwhelming, exhausting and confusing.


Healthy lifestyle practices including yoga and massage focused specifically towards your ever-changing pregnant body and mind can be hugely beneficial, empowering and supportive in many ways. They can also create an even stronger bond between you and your baby.


The pregnancy you are experiencing right now along with the birth that you are approaching is a once in a life time experience, it is my aim to help you fully appreciate and treasure all aspects of it.


Pregnancy Yoga

You’ll learn simple movements, easy breathing techniques and how to use strength in equal measures to total relaxation. Pregnancy yoga can help to physically and emotionally support and prepare you for pregnancy, birth and the challenges of motherhood.


You will find that being with a group of women at different stages of pregnancy having similar experiences can offer reassurance, friendships, shoulders to lean on and often a few good laughs at the same time.


In class you’ll find that I encourage you to identify with your birthing phase being between 36 and 42 weeks. Then throughout the months of your pregnancy yoga practice we can work on preparing both your body and your mind to arrive at that phase with confidence and excitement.


I also recognise that you’re not just going through physical changes but also through cycles of emotional change as you leave your independent life behind and start to create space in your world for a little one. This can be a hard transition for many women and yoga again can be really beneficial in working through these transitions.

When can you start attending pregnancy yoga?


As soon as you find out you’re pregnant and any time after that. The techniques and practices that I’ll be teaching in this class are safe and suitable for mum’s and babies at any stage of pregnancy and development.


If you have an existing yoga practice I also encourage you to explore this class as part of your pregnancy and encourage a new way of thinking. Take a look at my post on birth preparation for more of an explanation.


If you have any concerns, have experienced previous miscarriages or have received assisted conception in this pregnancy then you may want to head over to my post on yoga in the first trimester for further reassurance. And of course please do feel free to contact me at any time with questions.

Feminism And Yoga - Rachael Smith Yoga

Mama Calm

With a little one to support and nurture it can be hard to make time for you but I believe that keeping healthy and happy is now more important than ever. It can take time to get to know and appreciate the softness, curves and shape of your postnatal body and it may well feel unrecognisable and broken.


In my classes I aim to help you feel comfortable with your new shape. You’ll learn simple movements that can create a feeling of ease and space and how to adapt and change your practice so you can restore energy levels in a short space of time.


Using simple breathing techniques, mantras and sounds you’ll learn to keep your mama calm, feel empowered and find the patience you need to care for your baby.

When can you start attending postnatal yoga?


As soon as you feel ready! The techniques used in this class are suitable for every postnatal woman.


This is a class for parents that you bring your baby to. Crying, nappy changing and feeding are warmly welcomed throughout the class.


Come along and be part of a community that offers friendship and support. The classes are suitable for every woman and every pregnancy you don’t need to have practiced yoga before.


At the beginning and end of each class there is time to chat, ask questions, share stories and inspiration over cups of herbal tea.

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