Postnatal Fitness - 10 minutes a day - Rachael Smith Yoga
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Postnatal fitness Sheffield - Rachael Smith Yoga

Run – 10 minutes a day

I have no intention of working towards a longer, further or faster run; it’s the difference that consistency over a period of time can make that I’m interested in.

What do you think you could achieve with a consistent 10 minutes a day?

I’m an energetic and active person by nature, movement to me equals freedom, which is why I love the physical aspects of yoga so much.

But now I’m a mum, gone are the luxurious three hour long yoga practices, the weekly swims and the off road runs. Instead it’s hello gorgeous cuddly baby that likes to be carried, danced, fed and entertained 24 hours a day.

And I feel honoured and lucky to be her mum, truly I do.

But no matter how in love with being someone’s mummy you are, if you don’t look after yourself both physically and emotionally, life very quickly unravels.

Recently I spent a week or so despairing a little about the lack of time I had to move my body in different ways without carrying a gorgeous baby Pearl. I even volunteered to do a pile of washing up just so I could swing my arms about a bit.

“Why don’t you go for a run?” Suggested Chris

“Because even if I could find the time to leave Pearl, I can’t because the dog ate my last pair of trainers!”

Three days later he bought home a new pair of trainers.

“No more excuses!”

So I saw my opportunity. It was those first 10 minutes when Chris arrived home from work. After patting the over excited dogs on the head, all he wants to do is cuddle his Pearl.

One day I was waiting with my trainers on.

“I’ll be back in 10!”


Straight out of the back door, down the street and up and down the local hills.

I claimed a circular route that took just 10 minutes to get me back home. It was perfect, just as I was starting to notice how unfit, out of breath and generally awful I felt, it was over.

And I felt soooooo happy, I was exhilarated, energised and feeling pretty good about myself.

Every day since, I’ve followed the same route. Some days I fly and others I crawl and cry.

But either way I always feel stronger and happier. Just 10 minutes each day helps me stay a CALMER, HAPPIER, more PATIENT woman. And over time I get FITTER and STRONGER.

No more excuses. You have 10 minutes a day, what are you going to do with it?

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