Sankalpa - Creating a Yoga Intention - Rachael Smith Yoga
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Sankalpa - Create a Yogic Intention - Rachael Smith Yoga


Sankalpa, I’m in love with this word, the way it sounds, the way it feels when spoken and the meaning behind it.

It’s the softness and vibration of the “san” on the tip of my tongue, followed by the roll for the “kal” and the final kiss on the lips for in the “pa” that makes this word so beautiful to say.

Then I learnt about the meaning and I knew this word was a keeper, one I would cherish forever.

What is a sankalpa?

Another yoga discovery!

So much more than a resolution or a positive affirmation, it is the setting of an intention that will reflect your true nature. Opening your heart, life and soul to new possibilities and true desires.

I Yoga we believe that you already hold the skills and attributes required to achieve all that you wish, your sankalpa will set your resolve and channel your energy in the right direction.

Finding your true desire

Anyone struggling to overcome a feeling of discontentment needs to spend time figuring out what his or her true desire is.

Our egos are powerful and shout louder than our hearts. Ego attaches itself to materialistic belongings, goals and achievements, believing those hold the key to happiness.

The heart tells us otherwise; it states our purpose and tells us what we need to feel to fulfill that.

What’s your next goal?

  • Lose weight
  • Get fit
  • A new career
  • Find love
  • Earn more money
  • Have a family

To understand your deeper desire you need to look beyond the superficial level of the initial goal.

When you look to change something about your appearance, what feeling do you think that change will bring to your life?

Are you actually looking for more confidence, love and acceptance?

When you finally get fit and healthy, what feelings are you actually looking for?

How about quitting your job, changing career or wanting more money? Is that a cry for freedom, less stress or an opportunity to nurture your creativity?

Although losing some weight and quitting your job may bring some satisfaction, it is unlikely to be long lived if you haven’t spent time looking at the bigger picture.

Understanding the true desire will help you achieve long term fulfillment.

Creating your sankalpa

Once you have discovered the deeper desire of your goal it’s time to commit and create your sankalpa.

For your mind to become more powerful and fulfill your intentions, you must know that whatever is required is already within you, it is just a matter of releasing it.

For this reason your sankalpa is created in the present tense.

Instead of saying, “I will lose weight.”

You might say, “Because I love and respect my body, I nourish and care for it with good food and exercise.”

Want more freedom and think earning more money will help?

Instead of saying, “I will be rich and then I’ll have the freedom to do something.”

You might say, “I live each day knowing I have the freedom to make choices, my life is rich with possibilities.”

So you’ve created it…

Using Your Sankalpa
Commit to the practice diligently and your mindset will shift.

• Find some time each day to sit quietly.

• Bring your attention to your breath and allow yourself to relax.

• With each cycle of breaths, repeat your sanklapa. Keep doing so for as long as you wish.

• When you feel ready to stop, place your sankalpa into your heart space for safekeeping until the next practice.

Overtime you will become stronger, the qualities and skills you already possess needed for your goal will be released, everything will start to fall into place.

Sankalpa - Create a Yogic Intention - Rachael Smith Yoga

Will you give it a try or have you used a sankalpa before? I’d love to hear your stories.
If you need some help working out what your sankalpa should be, pop a comment in the box below. 

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