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Yoga Teacher Sheffield - Rachael Smith Yoga

Teaching Vinyasa Yoga

The beauty of modern vinyasa yoga is that it is a style wherein the teacher is free to study the many different interpretations; philosophies and yoga practices, that have developed over thousands of years.

They can then choose to share the ones that they have found to be the most liberating in the exploration of their own life, sense of self and spirituality.

There is no doubt in my mind that since the ‘beginning of yoga time’ it has only ever been an experimental exploration of spirituality and a way of understanding the magic and power of creation, whilst providing possible explanations of what may be beyond tangible life and death.

So far my study surrounding the history and development of Vinyasa yoga has unveiled a practice steeped in ancient complex layers of tantra.

Tantric yoga encourages a devotion and synchronisation to the natural rhythms of both the earth and cosmos, the rising and setting of the sun and the waxing and waning of the moon.

This devotion and worship to the universe was demonstrated through movement, postures, dance, mudras, sound, voice, words and breathe and it boasted the potential of liberation into a peaceful existence.

Now if that all sounds a bit too deep and meaningful, don’t worry! It’s my job as a yoga teacher to work out how I bring that into a palatable modern context and yoga class.

How do I teach vinyasa?

So the question that I have to ask myself is…

How do I authentically translate all of that philosophy, history and possibility into a palatable and modern 75-minute, predominantly movement based, yoga class?

Well there’s always been a part of me that loves a challenge and a bit of hard work!

Here’s how I think it works…

I have a devotion to my own private and personal practice, moved by sound, words and contemplation it fills with wild, strong and powerful movements, periods of complete stillness, quiet surrender and restorative rest. Overtime and through consistent practice I have developed a willingness and confidence to push and test my boundaries, whilst constantly questioning my beliefs and patterns of thinking.

I then observe those that I teach, I look for those areas that seem stuck and that are crying out for space, the parts of you that are wishing for strength and the areas that need to soften and relax. And then wait and listen for the questions that I know you already have the answers to.

I then try my best to creatively translate all I know into what you will find to be a flowing tangible yoga practice that, overtime and through consistency, will unravel all the answers and help you find whatever you were looking for and much more.

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