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6pm – 7pm Pregnancy Yoga


7.15pm – 8.15pm Vinyasa Flow


8.30pm – 9.30pm Yoga for runners & cyclists


Location:- Small Stuff, 210 Crookes, S10 1TG

Price: – £5 per class




6pm – 7.15pm Vinyasa Flow


Location:- Coming soon

Price:-  Membership only.




8.30am – 9.30am Outdoor Yoga for Women


Location:- Flying Horse Lawn, Lodge Lane, S6 5SP

Price:- £5 per class

Book Your Yoga Class

My yoga classes run from various locations in Sheffield. You can reserve and pay for your mat space via my online booking system.

Find the class descriptions below. If you have any queries as to the suitability of the class for you then please do head over to the contact page to ask me any questions.

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Pregnancy Yoga

You’ll learn simple movements, easy breathing techniques and how to use strength in equal measures to total relaxation. Pregnancy yoga can help to physically and emotionally support and prepare you for pregnancy, birth and the challenges of motherhood.


You will find that being with a group of women at different stages of pregnancy having similar experiences can offer reassurance, friendships, shoulders to lean on and often a few good laughs at the same time.


In class you’ll find that I encourage you to identify with your birthing phase being between 36 and 42 weeks. Then throughout the months of your pregnancy yoga practice we can work on preparing both your body and your mind to arrive at that phase with confidence and excitement.


I also recognise that you’re not just going through physical changes but also through cycles of emotional change as you leave your independent life behind and start to create space in your world for a little one. This can be a hard transition for many women and yoga again can be really beneficial in working through these transitions.

Vinyasa Yoga

In this warming yoga practice you will find yourself moving through a creative sequence of postures carefully linked with one another with the aim of unravelling different areas of your body and mind. You’ll be encouraged to move beyond traditional yoga poses, explore your boundaries, play with fluidity, increase flexibility and learn deeper, stronger and more challenging positions and transitions over time.

Woven into each class will be breath work, mudra, mindfulness meditation and stories and guided relaxations.

Yoga for runners and cyclists

Each week we flow through a sequence of movements with the aim of improving both strength and flexibility and reducing the impact that running and cycling can have on your body.

This practice is suitable for the most inflexible of people, helping to improve form and stability and prevent injuries.

Woven into each class will be an exploration of the mindful effects of running and how that links with yoga.

Outdoor Yoga – women only

Practising yoga outdoors in a beautiful natural setting enhances all the regular benefits that yoga has to offer. It also helps you to feel more in tune with the natural rhythms of the seasons. And it’s just magical.

My outdoor yoga classes run all year round. At our current location the shala is a raised deck area, it has a roof and three sides open to beautiful woodland views. Classes run in all weathers and we learn to appreciate and welcome whatever mother nature throws at us. In the rain, you may get wet!

These classes are for women only, because women have an inequitable access to nature and the outdoors and I’d like to do something to help change that.

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